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For founders and leaders

Grow Your Revenue by
10-20% Every Year

Virtual and IRL communities for founders and leaders in similar growth stages

Benefit 01


  • Share community with same-stage leaders
  • Get growth ideas from peers
  • Discover others with similar problems

Benefit 02


  • Talk about your company with leaders who get it
  • Get motivation from driven peers
  • Set targets for personal and business growth

Benefit 03


  • Every session includes training
  • Learn about leadership and organizational health
  • When the leader grows, everybody wins

Find the right fit for you


Founder’s circle

REVENUE: $0 – 500K

  • Network on
  • Foundational videos to help you grow
  • Message with other founders
  • Engage with same-stage founders

$49 per month


Core Groups

REVENUE: $500K – 5M

  • Monthly virtual gatherings
  • Expert-facilitated sessions
  • Chapter placement with 6-8 members
  • Regular issues solving to help you scale
  • Access to a digital vault of templates, guides, and resources

$299 per month

or $2,990 per year (17% off)

Prime groups

REVENUE: $5M – 20M

  • In-person gatherings with leaders in your region
  • Focus on complete leadership and organisational health
  • Life-changing presentations from experienced leaders
  • Chapter placement with 8-12 members
  • Highly confidential sessions with nobody from within your industry

$7,500 per year

Service Tiers

Discover which group is the right fit for you.

Stage Revenue FTES* Offering
Launch $0-200k 0-1 Founder’s circle
Stratup $200-500k 1-3
Traction $500k-2m 3-10 Core Groups
Growth $2-5m 10-25
Scale $5-20m 25-100 Prime Groups

FTE’s – full time equivalents

From our members



Founder & CEO

Being part of The Arena has been incredibly valuable. Going in, I had no idea what to expect, but I’ve found it essential for growing my business and equipping me as a leader. The collective wisdom and diverse perspectives offer solutions and fresh ideas for my leadership role. If you want to navigate business complexities and enhance your leadership skills, The Arena is a must-join.


Founder & CEO

The Arena has been a life-changing space for me as a business owner. We push one another to be better, speak honestly, and share expertise and experience; there is also intentional accountability. I would highly recommend The Arena for anyone looking to take their business or leadership to the next level.


Founder & CEO

My experience with my first meeting in The Arena brought a level of clarity to a tough decision that could have been a costly and time consuming mistake. It also gave me insight that allowed me to be proactive to improve relationships with my team. Even in one meeting The Arena has paid for itself for an entire year if not more.


Founder & CEO

As a business owner, The Arena has given me a seat at the table with successful business owners who are willing to share their wisdom with me, while being humble enough to accept wisdom from others.


Founder & CEO

I highly recommend The Arena to any leaders looking to grow in their leadership. It’s not only very well organized and inspirational but also relationally provides an incredible perspective on varios, real-time leadership challenges and healthy personal accountability that every leader needs


Founder & CEO

The Arena has become vital for my journey as a business owner and leader. Sharing the honest struggles and challenges with like minded leaders and hearing them share their experiences and advice, relevant to what I might be going through, has helped me overcome the hurdles and continue on our growth journey.

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Frequently asked questions

We’ve designed these segments to tailor discussions and resources more precisely to the unique challenges and opportunities faced at different revenue levels, ensuring more relevant and impactful interactions.

Revenue thresholds are based on common scaling milestones that businesses face. These thresholds help in grouping businesses facing similar challenges and growth opportunities.

We understand that conflicts can arise. If you cannot attend a meeting, we encourage you to inform us in advance. We’ll provide a summary of the session and any resources shared so you won’t miss out completely. We ask that all members aim to miss no more than 2 meetings per year.

We take confidentiality seriously. All members of Core Groups and Prime Groups are required to agree to sign an NDA to ensure that any shared information remains within the group. Members of Founder’s Circle agree that anything shared during office hours may be used for marketing purposes.

Founder’s Circle is “one-to-many” and there is no limit on the number of people permitted to join during office hours. Prime Groups and Core Groups will be limited to 6-8 members per chapter, as we have found this is the optimal number of members for a good variety of thought, and robust conversation without extending the meeting time.

We have unique price points for each segment of The Arena that fit your stage of growth. Please click “learn more” beneath each segment on the home page to learn more about pricing.

Membership in founder’s Circle and Core Groups are month-to-month, and cancellable at any time with 30 days notice. Membership in Prime Groups require a one-year commitment, and are not refundable.



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